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Pharmagel® Classic Skincare Regimen With Metallic Bag
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Pharmagel® Classic Skincare Regimen With Metallic Bag
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Pharmagel® Classic Skincare Regimen With Metallic Bag

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Pharmagel® Classic Skincare Regimen With Metallic Bag

  • Hydra Cleanse® 8oz.
  • Botanical Tonique® 8oz.
  • Eye Proté® .5oz
  • Pharma-C Serum® 1oz.
  • Glyco-8® 2oz
  • Free Deluxe Spa Travel Bag
Hydra Cleanse®

Hydra Cleanse® is an exceptionally mild and botanical cream cleanser that contains Aloe Vera which nourishes, calms, protects, revitalizes and moisturizes all skin types. Hydra Cleanse® is water rinseable and is especially good for extra sensitive skin. A rare combination of Oat Extract, Beta Glucan and Panthenol offers the benefits of wonderfully clean skin without stripping or drying the complexion. Skin will look and feel healthy with a clean, fresh, radiant glow. Hydra Cleanse® also works well as a make-up remover.

A Word From Pharmagel Experts
Cream cleansers are gentle, but tough on oils. Even dry skin finds them user-friendly. Since creams are pH balanced, they can be used around the eyes to remove eye make-up. Panthenol builds protein, which is responsible for cell regeneration and repair. Oat Extract, from the seed of oats, is very soothing and nourishing to the dermis. Lactic Acid is an AHA that occurs naturally in biofermented vegetables. It provides a mild pH to alkaline products and is very moisturizing
How To Use
Massage in a circular motion on facial areas morning and evening. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry. This product is gentle enough to use in the eye area. Follow with Botanical Tonique®. 
For Ingredients see 182 5012
Botanical Tonique®
Botanical Tonique® is an all botanical, fragrance free, alcohol-free, moisturizing facial and body toner. Unlike many other toners, Botanical Tonique® contains moisturizing properties that help keep skin hydrated. Additionally, an infusion of botanical extracts balances, nourishes and re- energizes skin to a normal pH. These stimulating and toning extracts offer extra firming benefits to the skin while helping to tighten and refine pores. Skin will feel refreshed and recharged. Men may use Botanical Tonique® after shaving to calm and soothe skin and control razor bumps and irritation.
A Word From Pharmagel Experts
It is important to tone the skin and restore the normal acid balance of the face after cleansing. Rosemary helps stimulate the circulation of blood in skin. Comfrey contains Allantoin, which helps heal damaged skin by stimulating the growth of new tissue. It also aids in temporary relief of minor skin irritations.
How To Use
After cleansing, apply Botanical Tonique® with a cotton pad or lightly spray face for an extra pick-me-up of refreshing energy and moisture. Follow with a Pharmagel® moisturizer.
For Ingredients see 182 5013
Eye Proté®
Eye Proté® reverses eye area wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles, as well as lost tone and elasticity. The special formulation contains Perfluorodecalin, a highly activated oxygen booster that has been medically tested for its effectiveness. Perfluorodecalin breathes life into cells surrounding the delicate eye contours. Eye Proté® contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients of a specific molecular weight that allow for rapid penetration of the product into the dermis. This rapid penetration gives lasting results when used daily. Eye Proté® is fragrance-free and is noncomedogenic (will not clog pores).
A Word From Pharmagel Experts
Perfluorodecalin is a remarkable oxygen booster, medically tested and used during eye surgeries for rapid tissue repair. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) helps regenerate damaged and aging skin. The eye area is the first to show signs of age and fatigue. It needs Perfluorodecalin to boost oxygen. All Pharmagel products are noncomedogenic. It is important to use only noncomedogenic products on eye tissue; otherwise, bumps and tiny cysts can develop in that sensitive area.
How To Use
After cleansing and toning, apply Pharma-C Serum® to face and allow to penetrate for 60 seconds before applying Eye Proté®. Apply sparingly to undereye with a light patting motion until thoroughly absorbed. Use morning and evening.

For Ingredients see 182 5015
Pharma-C Serum®

Pharma-C Serum® represents a dramatic technological advancement in the treatment of aging skin that has lost its tone and elasticity. This unique serum enhances and accelerates skin’s repair by actively promoting collagen formation. Pharmagel’s unique Pharma-C Serum® contains Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a stabilized form of Vitamin C. This ingredient has been scientifically proven to rapidly absorb into the skin and is less irritating than pure ascorbic acid.  And since Vitamin C is a co-factor in collagen synthesis, it is vital to keeping the skin youthful and supple: without it collagens do not form properly.  Fragrance-free and oil-free, it can be used safely around the eyes.

A Word From Pharmagel Experts
Vitamin C products have virtually no reported symptoms of irritation. Ideal candidate: sensitive, dry skin desiring diminished crow’s-feet and improved skin tone. Hyaluronic Acid, along with collagen and Algae Extracts, provides a significant cosmetic and aesthetic benefit to the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is a Jell-O-like substance that gives the dermis thickness and keeps wrinkles at bay. Is a strong water binder that helps retain fluid in the skin. Collagen is responsible for providing suppleness and elasticity in the skin. As we age, the level of collagen in the skin is reduced. Collagen and elastin fibers stiffen and break apart, forming an unstructured mass. In turn, wrinkles are formed. Topical Vitamin C counteracts oxygen free radicals by neutralizing them. Vitamin C renews Vitamin E by allowing to neutralize more free radicals.
How To Use
Apply to facial areas daily. After cleansing and toning, apply Pharma-C Serum® to face and allow to penetrate for 60 seconds before applying a Pharmagel®moisturizer.

For Ingredients see 182 5011
Glyco-8® is a triple performing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) treatment with Glycolic Acid, Vitamins A and E, and active stabilized Vitamin C accelerates exfoliation to reveal firmer, more radiant skin with less visible lines and wrinkles. Through a crème deliverance system of an 8% Glycolic Acid formula, dead skin cells are gently swept away, rendering skin healthy and vibrant. Glycolic Acid is a natural ingredient found in sugar cane. Potent biological antioxidants help protect skin from environmental damage and help repair and reverse the visible signs of aging, including uneven skin texture and discoloration.
Method of Use
For normal to combination skin types, apply to face and throat after cleansing and toning both morning and evening. Can be used over Bio-A® Concentrate and Pharma-C Serum® for additional reparative benefits

  • Glycolic Acid (AHA) is used for its premium exfoliation benefits. This ingredient penetrates to remove superficial free radicals and toxins, as well as dead skin cells. 
  • Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate (Stabilized Vitamin C) is an age-repairing antioxidant that improves elasticity and encourages natural collagen production. 
  • Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is an age-repairing antioxidant that promotes the regeneration of damaged and aging skin.
  • Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) supports cellular renewal and the production of collagen. As a primary antioxidant, it sweeps out and neutralizes free radicals that could speed the process of aging and breakdown of skin cells. Vitamin A helps the dermis to resist infection, build and maintain collagen and elastin, and strengthen the skin’s capillary walls.
For Ingredients see 182 5016

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