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Gold Collagen Crystal Face Mask

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Gold Collagen Crystal Face Mask
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Gold Collagen Crystal Face Mask
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    Gold Collagen Crystal Face Mask

    The nano gold particles in this mask is only 1/2000 the size of our pore and can easily penetrate into the dermis. Its cell vitalizing-function is strong, and the complementary y-PGA, with a 4,600-fold of moisture storage capacity, serves to ionize the gold so that the gold molecules can penetrate into the skin by adhering to the y-PGA. It facilitates metabolism to help the skin cells self-produce collagen, fight free-radicals, and restores the skin to a revitalized, hydrated and youthful  appearance.

    Selection of Gold
    The stringent selection of 99.999% pure gold ingredients guarantees the highest quality. Electrical conductivity tests of the elements prove that the nano gold contains gold, carbon and oxygen but no such hazardous rare metal elements as lead, mercury, chromium, iridium and neodymium. The product standard is above food grade.

    High performance moisturizing and hydration
    Repair of skin cells
    Reduction of melanin

    y-PGA, Q10, Silk Extract, 99.999% pure gold powder

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