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Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage Dvd With "Flow" Cd
Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage Dvd With "Flow" Cd
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Head, Neck, Shoulder Massage Dvd With "Flow" Cd

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Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage DVD with "Flow" CD

Discover a unique combination of Swedish and sports massage in the head, neck and shoulder area and how to sequence and integrate it into a full body massage. Includes "Flow", by Michael Benghiat, offering gently flowing melodies and a rich assortment of layered, acoustic instrumentation.

Head, Neck, and Shoulder Massage DVD

It is a combination of anatomy, joint movement, trigger points, stretching, and technical massage to address the most used and abused area in the body. 40 minutes.

Massage Magazine (Oct 2004) Review:
Sherry Galloway?s video, Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage, offers massage therapists a straightforward, solid routine for addressing the upper body. Galloway?s sequence combines Swedish strokes, simple trigger-point work and fundamental stretches to relax the upper quadrant and work contracted tissues. Her directions are clear and the filming is well done. This video is a good review for students in massage school and recent graduates who may need a refresher on how to pull together multiple techniques into a simple routine. For new massage therapists whose schooling concentrated on relaxation massage, Galloway?s video offers instruction on how to add deeper, more specific techniques to one?s bag of tools.

This video is divided into 5 sections:
Back of Shoulder: trapezius, supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres, subscapularis, levator scapula, rhomboids
Massage with Shoulder Joint Movement
Side Lying: rotator cuffs, latisimus dorsi
Front of Shoulder, pectoralis, serratus anterior
Neck, scalenes, SCM & Head, occipital

Sherry teaches you both basic and advanced techniques including how to:
fully approach the anterior and posterior aspects of the shoulder
assess and maintain shoulder function
increase neck motility and flexibility
use long, Swedish strokes combined with therapeutic detail work to keep the body injury-free
identify and get rid of trigger points in the muscles to alleviate headaches
use your body weight to enhance thumb work
apply pressure point squeezing to relieve tension
monitor your client?s comfort level throughout the massage
gently integrate rocking and stretching into the massage

Flow CD

A rich assortment of layered instrumentation, including flutes, guitar, harps, percussion and piano, adds a touch of complexity and variety that holds the listener?s attention without seeming intrusive or sleep-inducing. Designed to enhance a feeling of peace and calmness with gentle acoustic instrumentation, perfect for massage, meditation, yoga and stress-relief. 59:15 minutes.

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