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Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oils - 10Ml

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Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oils - 10Ml
Lotus Touch Organic Essential Oils - 10Ml
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  • Description

    Lotus Touch 100% Pure Certified Organic Essential Oils - 10 ml bottles

    100% Pure Certified Organic Essential Oils contains certified properties for healing and soothing naturally. Pure, certified organic oils that have been grown in soil free of chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and are not generically modified. Cultivated biologically to promote nature's natural balance.

    • Eucalyptus Globulus: Steam distilled from Portuguese eucalyptus leaves. Perfect for use in steam rooms and can be blended with Roman chamomile and lavender to help alleviate congestion and open airways. Stimulating and refreshing.
    • Grapefruit: Cold expeller pressed from the peel of Israeli grapefruit. Blend with juniper berry and your favorite carrier oil for a customized cellulite massage oil.
    • French Lavender: French lavender is the most relaxing of all lavenders. Excellent for burns
    • Sweet Orange: Sweet, warm, citrus aroma. This mouth watering oil blends well with lavender, frankincense and clove. Thiseco-friendly oil is a byproduct of the orange juice manufacturing process. Ideal for diffusion, inhalation or massage.
    • Tea Tree: This Australian native is known for its antibacterial, antiviral properties. Can be used as a bug bite preparation,as a disinfectant for your massage stones or as a blend with lemon for a wonderful foot treatment. This essential oil is starting to gain popularity with pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and clinics.
    • Ylang Ylang: Sensual, floral essential oil known for its distinct aroma. Blends well with sandalwood, bergamot, rose, jasmine and sweet orange oils for an exotic experience. Steam distilled from the flowers in Madagascar.
    • Peppermint: Light, refreshing, clear, minty aroma. Ideal for foot and pedicure treatments when blended with unscented massage creams and oils. Known for its powerful effect on digestion and headaches. Can be inhaled, diffused or massaged.
    • Lemongrass: Fresh, clean, citrus aroma is known for its refreshing properties. Extracted from the leaves of the native lemongrass plants in Madagascar. Treat your feet by blending one drop each lemongrass, geranium and lavender to warm water and soak for 10 minutes.

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