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Migraine Aromatherapy Blends

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Migraine Aromatherapy Blends
Migraine Aromatherapy Blends
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    Migraine Aromatherapy Blends - Droptop 7.0 ml bottles, 100 uses

    These essentials oils will either reduce and/or eliminate the symptoms that lead to headaches.  The most common types of migraines come from Food Allergies, Environmental Agitation, Stress, caffeine addiction, and Hormones. 

    PLEASE NOTE: Pregnant women and children under 12 do not apply oils directly to skin, only inhale from Q-Tips.


    The Environment blend will be used for your clients who are triggered by inside or outside environmental aggitation. Pollen, air pollution, loud noises, strong odors, anything that irritates your brain and body. Proprietary blend of essential oils of roman chamomile, lavendin, peppermint, rosemary and sweet marjoram.


    The Food blend will be used for your clients who are triggered by food allergies. Food migraines are very common in children, this blend is safe for children under 18. I suggest you put 2-3 drops on a q-tip and have them inhale as they want to. Proprietary blend of essential oils of lemon, peppermint, basil, fennel and lavendin.


    80% of migraines are triggered by stress. The Stress blend will often be used on your clients to calm the brain, change the physiology of the coming migraine and help stop the migraine in it's tracks. Proprietary blend of essential oils of clary sage, spikenard-green, lavendin, Frankincense and mandarin-red.


    The Hormone Blend will be used for triggers coming from hormones being out of balance. 70% of women suffer migraines at the time right before menstruation, caused by the fluctuation of estrogen. I recommend using the essential oil blends 24-48 hours before and during your period.

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