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Soft Mask Lightening Powder 30 Oz Jar

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Soft Mask Lightening Powder 30 Oz Jar
Soft Mask Lightening Powder 30 Oz Jar
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    Lightening Mask

    Multi-function cold modeling masks are rich in trace minerals and amino acids. They gently exfoliate dead skin cells, hydrate the epidermis and diminish the appearance of fine lines. Comes in powder form. Mix with Phyto Mask Activator to activate mask and release nutrients within mask. Each mask 30 oz each. Use 2 oz per treatment. Instructions included. For all skin types; refines and aids skin regeneration.

    1) Cleanse, tone and massage face. Cover the eye areas with cotton pads.
    2) Apply serum/ampoule and treatment cr?me.
    3) Pour approximate 57g (1-3/4 scoops) of mask into a mixing bowl.
    Mix the Mask with 60cc (1 scoop) of Dr. Jeff Phyto Mask Activator.
    4) Stir quickly with a spatula until a smooth paste is formed.
    5) Apply the paste onto the face immediately and evenly.
    6) Leave on 15 minutes for the mask to infuse and set.
    7) Peel off the mask. Continue with the treatment program.

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