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Diffusers & Accessories

Diffusers and accessories for them make it easy to get a great smell throughout an entire room. Oftentimes employed in aromatherapy practice the diffusers and accessories available here make it easy to blend ingredients and to distribute them as needed for therapeutic purposes.

Essential Oil Travel Case
Cobalt Blending Bottle 15Ml With Cap And Dropper
Spa Room AromaharmonyOn Sale
$53.39 $45.38
Spa Room Scentifier aromatherapy diffusersOn Sale
$13.59 $11.55
 Spa Room Scentifier Replacement PadsOn Sale
$2.05 $1.74
Spa Room NaturaOn Sale
$53.39 $45.38
Spa Room AromafierOn Sale
$3.05 - $9.49
$2.59 - $8.07
Nesco® Aromatic Diffuse
Diffusion KitOn Sale
$88.57 $70.86
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