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Essential Oil Kits

Essential oil kits provide a variety of different options for working with aromatherapy. They come in a variety of different sizes and combinations, including kits with multiple oils in one package.

Spa Room Roll-A-TherapyOn Sale
$10.09 $8.58
Lotus Touch Blended Essential Oil Trial KitOn Sale
$21.59 $18.35
Deluxe Aromatherapy KitOn Sale
$96.99 $72.74
Lotus Touch Single Note Essential Oil Trial KitOn Sale
$21.49 $18.27
Lotus Touch Aromatherapy Diffusion PackageOn Sale
$66.55 $56.57
Lotus Touch Single Note Classic PackOn Sale
$28.26 $24.02
Lotus Touch Blended Oil Premium Pack
Spa Room Bottle Tester Kit (24)On Sale
$10.09 $8.58
Spa Room Bottle Variety PackOn Sale
$10.09 $8.58
Homedics® Ellia Reflect Ultrasonic Essential Oil DiffuserNew
New in 2017
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